The Presidents’ Secret

The Project’s Birth

Life is full of surprises, some more pleasing than others. One day, I got a call which turned out to be a great gift! I was asked to use Zac Hopkins’s novel as an inspiration to represent some of the presidents who have marked American history, men who embody the collective memory. The sombre tone of the novel led me to highlight the dark side that inhabited all of these men. Everywhere around the world, their images are flawless, as if death had elevated them to the rank of divinity. What man can claim to be perfect? What emotions will my paintings provoke in you? Will you be horrified, seduced, shocked…?

The Challenges

The author had a specific request. He wanted me to insert a symbol related to the story of the novel in each of my paintings. It would become a sort of treasure hunt for the reader. It turned out to be a challenge that inspired me greatly. The oversized format of the canvases helps to make the characters more alive, it becomes almost impossible to escape their eyes. Thus, the story of the book lives through the portraits. Have I succeeded? It will be up to you to find out…

Why Was I Chosen?

I love all forms of art, but sculpture has a special place in my heart. Armed with patience and determination, I reproduce all my paintings meticulously in sculpture. Whether it’s a character or a triptych, the three-dimensional staging becomes particularly powerful. After working alone in my studio for many years, I would like to thank Zac Hopkins for giving me the opportunity to put in the light what had been living in the shadows. Above all, thank you for choosing my painting of John F. Kennedy for the cover of the first volume.