The Purple Notebook Saga

Tome 1 Legacy

The Project’s Birth

One day, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by author N. Ellion who, appreciating my artistic style, asked me to read the novel “Legacy”. Once I had finished reading it, the author asked me to take part in a project, and I was enthusiastic about the idea of reproducing the portraits of five American presidents. Taking into account the novel, I highlighted the shadowy side that lived within them, contrasting with the smooth, flawless representations we know. It’s as if, after their deaths, they had elevated themselves to the status of divinity. What man can lay claim to perfection? What emotion will move you when you see my paintings? Will you be horrified, seduced or even shocked?

Why Was I Chosen?

I love all forms of art, but sculpture has a special place in my heart. Armed with patience and determination, I reproduce all my paintings meticulously in sculpture. Whether it’s a character or a triptych, the three-dimensional staging becomes particularly powerful.

After working alone in my studio for many years, I would like to thank N. Ellion for giving me the opportunity to put in the light what had been living in the shadows.